18 August, 2016

How To Have A Better Instagram Feed

Bonjour á tous! In this post I would share some tips I know to improve photography skills for Instagram. I know I'm not a pro but I think my 2 years of studying photography (and photojournalism) is enough for a little help.

1. Have a good camera - Having a high megapixel phone or camera would totally help you to achieve a clear photo worth liking for.

2. Know your angles - Learn about the different angles that would suit into your photo and taste.

3. Lightings - It is important to have a good lighting for a clear and well illuminated photo.

4. Less is more - Try to minimize stuffs you put in your photo like frames, filters etc. A well photographed photo could be more beautiful with a little contrast and brightness or an appropriate filter on it.

5. Be creative -  Have your own unique style or way of taking pictures.

If you are finding a feed inspiration here's a little example of different kinds of theme:

    a. Clean/Minimal Feed (@nadzlustre)

     b. Pastel Feed (@kimijuan)

     c. Tumblrish Feed (Soft, Grunge or Pale) (@idaandu)

     d. A simple clean feed mostly about bits of your life. (@songofstyle)

6. Free Photography Tools - This are the apps I mostly use to make more out of the photo I capture.

     a. Camera - I am thankful that I have a 13 megapixel rear camera on my phone. But in some other way I also use Snapchat filters because it is easy and won't take bunch of time to find filters.

     b. Instagram - Instagram itself! You can experiment your photo with the brightness, contrast, saturation, and many more on it.

     c. Snapseed - This app lets me whiten my photos instantly.

     d. VSCO - I don't really know how to pronounce VSCO but in spite of that, You could use many free filters (and downloadable ones too) that will suit your taste for your perfect Instagram photo.

7. Enjoy capturing photos - Just take a lot of pictures wherever you are! You might found that perfect Instagram worthy photo after scrolling in your phone.                                                                                                                     

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Maira Gall