28 August, 2016

How I Wear Denim

Bonjour à tous!

I am such a big fan of denims. They are the most basic item in our wardrobes. I also find the denim comfortable, easy to pair and stylish at the same time. So in this post, I'm gonna share to all of you some tips I know that is worth sharing regarding about wearing or styling a denim clothing.

1. WTF (White Tee's so Fantastic!)

You can never go wrong with this style. It suits the different hues of denim, it is easy to wear and pair, plus it's so tumblrish.

2. Nautical.ly

I always love it when I use striped tees for my denim. It is stylish, clean and minimal for that je ne sais quois. I could wear it in different occasions without looking whatnot.

3. Statement tees are Tee Life Savers!

If you are such a dory-like person (My personal term about person who easily forgets anything like moi, because I always forget where did I put my random stuffs hahaha) Statement tees are life savers! They pop out from nowhere and they are easy to wear and pair from different kinds of denims.

4. Cool White Kicks

This is just a lil' tip I mostly do. I often pair white kicks or trainers to my style for an instant instagram-worthy ootd.

5. The Truth about Tuxedo

Jeans + Tees + Tuxedo = So classy. If we style jeans with some of the basic wardrobes we had like tees and tuxedos, it'll be an instant finished and polished look.

6. Denim x Denim

Hey lady,
with the right kind of layering,
you could look fab daily.

What are the other tips you know about styling? I'd love to know some!


© Althea
Maira Gall