30 August, 2016

Harry Blogger Tag

I've been reading random blogs recently since the hectic week in my school is over. (for now) Then suddenly I found Sopherina's blog post and Holly's from Hollyster Blog post here about the Harry Blogger Tag. Since they are tagging any Potterheads who would like to do this, I decided to tag my self. I have loved the HP books and movies since 9th Grade. I even created a dialogue about Harry Potter Parody skit that we had performed on stage!

So without further due, These are my answers to the questions from this tag.

1. Who is your favourite character?
Ahhh, this question is quite hard! Except Harry as one of my favourites, I picked Hermione as my most favourite character. Despite that we had the same curly locks, I like her character because of her enthusiasm in studying, valuing knowledge and acing school. I wish I was like her in school.

2. Which is your favourite book?
Ahhh... Uhmmm... Why does the questions keeps getting harder? (*laughs) I would choose the first book, The Philosopher's Stone. I am in a roller coaster of emotions whenever I am watching or reading it.

3. Which is your least favourite book?
My least favourite book is the Order of the Phoenix. I would actually feel sad if a person who is kind, helpful, and who is always there to support me will die like what happened to Sirius Black. :(

4. Which character is most like you?
Hmmm... I would say I am more like Hermione Granger. People from my school called me "nerd" several times. I also love to lead and reading books. Plus, we have the same frizzy hair too!

5. If you could spend a day as witch in Hogwarts, what would you do?
Oh wow, I would definitely spend my day there doing SO many things like playing quidditch, flying around through my broomstick while wandering at the whole school, drinking lots of butter beer, chat with the Hogwarts' portraits, play the wizarding chess, and eat at the Great Hall. I'd definitely use the time turner to go back there any time.

6. What is your favourite spell?
I'd say it's Accio since I am a lazy person. But I like to pronounce Wingardium Leviosa though. Anyways, it's Accio.

7. Is there anything you would change about the plot?
I would not change anything. I find the story great and perf (In spite that there are some heart breaking scenes that made me cry) But still those scenes made the protagonist to have more strength to fight against the dark lord.

8. Where were you when you started reading The Philosopher's Stone for the first time?
I was lying into my bed on my room at that time.

9. Cho was Harry's first kiss, who would your first kiss be at Hogwarts?
Oh man, it's either Draco Malfoy or Cedric Diggory! But since we are talking about "first" I think Draco would be my first kiss hehe.

10. Finally, is there anyone in reality you'd love to cast a slag puking spell on?
I'd definitely cast that spell to the people who's talking sh*t behind my back. :*

So those are my answers about the Harry Blogger Tag! Some of the questions were pretty hard to answer but still it is fun and exciting to answer those questions!

I'd like to tag any girls from The Teenage Team who has a massive love for Harry Potter and to any Potterhead bloggers who's currently reading this. (Yasss, I'm tagging you!)

Let me know if you're in and comment below the link to your post. I'd love to check them out.

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