01 July, 2016

10 Study Tips

Bonjour à tous!

You might be interested in reading this post because you want to ace in school, a potterhead (Bc Granger), or just technically bored. Anyway, here is my blog post about some 10 study hacks to help you study better.

Author's Note:

All the tips that I posted here are the hacks that helped me to do better in school. I hope this hacks will help you too! (But, it depends on you!)

1. Study in a neat area/room. - Having the right place to study is important as having a good study skills. Your environment can be a big factor in how successfully you will learn, retain and apply the information you had learned.

2. Jot down notes - Write down the stuff you learned at school (whether it's a definition, initial, a date or something.) Bc you don't want to miss any highlights or important information about the subjects you are learning!

3. Declutter Digitals - As a student who's an internet-a-holic, it is awfully hard for me to do this too but we need to control ourselves to surf internet for a long time especially when we need to review and study for an exam or a recitation. (lol who am I kidding)

4. Have a break! - I usually have a 25-30 minute break after reviewing 2 subjects. This helps me a lot so that I can be able to review, and I won't feel tired or sleepy when studying.

5. The best time to study: Wake up extra early bc the best time to study is between 4:00-6:00 am (where your brain functions at 100%)

6. Use some school planner - Jot down the assignments/tasks in your planner or organizer. This will help you to save time browsing all of your notebooks and look for your tasks to do.

7. Think Positive - Replace negative thoughts with a positive one. Believe that you could do anything you want through your hard work.

8. Don't indulge in fantasies - Stop daydreaming about anything or fantasizing about your desired results. Instead study and work hard to achieve them.

9. Book is the new bae - If you don't have a tasks to do or you just feel bored, read a book.

10.  Two-timing (Google x Books) - It's better to read both from Google and books. You can able to learn a lot from reading both from web and a book. Reminder! Declutter Digitals while searching from web!

What are some of the school/studying tips or hacks do you know? Comment down below!

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