01 February, 2016

Blogging and Vlogging

Bonjour! Good day!
My love affair about blogging started a year ago. I started blogging when I'm 13 years young. Last March 2015, I had made a blog about classical music, photography and fashion. But my blog about classical music lasted longer than fashion and photography. And the first few days of blogging, I gained 6 followers of my blog. I was such a happy kid to have followers, especially when you are new in the world of blogging! Well, since not all infatuation last long, I decided to add a lil 'spice about blogging. Reading long articles or posts might be boring. But I will still blog !!! Surely, next year, I'm gonna start vlogging! Yasss! I guess you probably heard the word "vlogging". Vlogging means video blogging. I would like to make my blog posts come alive! Well not literally alive, I mean it will come to life in other way. Like making videos and recording my whereabouts of my life wherever I am plus make a blog post about it.

So now guys, I'll keep you updated in the new beginning of my life about vlogging. Another story just happened in my life! Woohoo!

And of course the videos will come soon! I just need a further editing and polishing since I'll be having a hectic schedule this upcoming week. But surely I'm gonna make a time for it and sort some things out.

Woohoo! Vlogging time and channel will start soon! xxx

© Althea
Maira Gall